About Piper's Springers

Just a little about Piper’s Springers…

Piper’s Springers is not a conventional kennel, we are a family that includes some humans and some SPRINGERS.  Our dogs all live in our home as part of our family.  We have been raising Springer Pups one litter at a time since 1989.  I personally, have had Springers since I was 2 years old, and you really don’t want to know how long ago that was….  We usually only have one to two litters a year.  We raise AKC Bench Springers that are loving, intelligent, and as a bonus beautiful. We do not show dogs in AKC Conformation shows … but have in the past.   That tends to be very political and expensive.   We are more interested in Obedience and Agility… ie. Intelligence.    We do not currently hunt with any of our dogs but also have in the past.   All Springers will hunt…it is in their innate nature as a sporting breed.  What a wonderful bond develops when working with your Springer in any endeavor!  They are also very good at being family dogs and generally love kids. 

We love our pups and strive to place them with loving families that will treat them as family, as well.  Our pups spend the first few weeks of their little lives in our bedroom next to us in their whelping box.  As they start to hop out of whelping box, about 3-4weeks, they are moved to a kiddy pool in our large hearth room/kitchen.  We start potty training as soon as they start on solid food about 4-5 weeks.  They are taken to the grass to go potty every hour or two in a laundry basket and several times during the night…this makes a puppy ready to potty train quickly at their new homes. Puppies do not naturally soil their beds and given the opportunity would rather potty outside.   We have other dogs, kids, and cats that the pups are exposed to, to help with their socialization.  Each puppy is handled one on one, every single day to encourage a strong bond with humans.  We feel our individual care and concern for each pup turns out a dog that will be a great part of their future forever family.  Our puppies eat premium puppy food and receive all of their medical care including vaccinations – on time, at our vet’s office.  We also strive to keep our dog family healthy with regular veterinary health checks and certifications.

Shipping expenses are the responsibility of new owners.  We prefer not to ship cargo.  We have in the past only a couple of times to a dear friend in Canada when it was very impractical any other way. I was a nervous wreck the entire voyage.   We will deliver for gas money…or will meet you half way if practical.  We have also accompanied our pups incabin air travel or had individuals get round trip tickets to KCI (Kansas City International) to pick up their pups and take them back incabin. 

Our Springers are part of our family forever…we NEVER place our dogs after they are past breeding age…they will always live here with us.  We have 5 dogs in our family… one female and two males of breeding age... the others retired from breeding but are still members of our family.  Our pups also come with a three year genetic health guarantee…we have a breeder/new owner agreement that spells out all our requirements and responsibilities to each other. We can change items in the agreement with our mutual consent.  We have turned down people with money in hand that we did not feel where the best home for our pups.    Our pups are sold with limited (no breeding) AKC registration.  We like to have the pups placed around 8 wks, as  we feel it is the optimum time for bonding and the pups are really needing more individual attention than we can give when we have a whole litter.  So… the price does come down on the pups not placed when they approach this age.  Females are picked rather fast…not sure why because I have always bonded more closely with the males… but each family has their own thoughts on gender and coloring of the puppy.    We don’t breed cheap pups….you always get what you pay for.  You can find cheaper puppies than ours but NOT MORE cared for, loved, socialized, or potty trained than ours…but please beware…wherever you decide to get your pup …DO NOT support puppy mills or breeders without   proper concern for their dogs.

I’d be glad to answer any questions you may have.  I love to talk/email about Springers and love meeting people who love Springers…such good company.  I would also be glad to send references…all our pup owners are now are good friends and we keep in touch to check on our pups progress and give advice if needed.  Thank you so much for your interest in Piper’s Springers.  We welcome questions and concerns and are very glad to give references. 

Updated:  April 2011