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Date Whelped: May 29, 2018   7 Puppies; 3 Male, 4 Female
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#1 " Brisk "
Liver & White & Tan Girl

#2 " Jiffy "
Black & White & Tan Girl

#3 " Chop-Chop "
Liver & White Boy

#4 " Pee-Dee-Q "
Liver & White & Tan Girl

#5 " Jet "
Black & White Boy

#6 " Pronto "
Black & White & Tan Boy

#7 " Lickety-Split "
Liver & White & Tan Girl


(Please note: The nicknames listed are not their registered names, just a way we can tell them apart!)

August 7,2018 Update: Chop-Chop (now Winston) traveled home to Englewood, CO. Pronto (now Toby) has moved to Iowa City, Brisk (now Josie) has moved in with her family in Dallas Texas, including two other Piper's Springers "sisters"... we are so happy for them!
July 23,2018: Jiffy (now Bella) has a family now in Bettendorf, IA.
July 22,2018: Likety-Split is going to live in Dallas, TX with Tootsie/Pippa from our Oct 2016 litter!
July 21,2018: Jet is moving to his forever home in Hasting, MN
July 20,2018: These beautiul puppies are starting to go home! Chop-Chop (now Winston) to Englwood, CO
June 19,2018: The puppies have opened their pretty little eyes! See their new pictures on each puppy's page!
June 9,2018: One week old, new pictures for each puppy's page!
Dam: "Paisley", AKC Piper's Pretty as Paisley (Liver, White & Tan)
Sire: "Dasher", AKC Piper"s Dashing Lance (Black & White)